Creating a blog was out of the question for a long time for me, as measuring everything in the kitchen was like biting into an eggshell. I enjoy cooking and don’t want to waste even a slightest bit of enjoyment in that small world of mine. But little did I know that everything will change, when my husband came home with the Oscar nominated film ‘Julie and Julia’( a real life story) where Julie Powell (part played by Amy Adams) challenged herself to make all the 524 recipes from Julia Child's cook book ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ and blogging all her experiences (The Julie/Julia Project). It was an inspiring movie. A few days later when we were discussing this casually with a friend of ours over tea…everything changed dramatically…..” How about you making at least half of it in one year? Not French but your own. 262 recipes that will inspire others and present it as a blog?” For a minute my mind traveled faster than light… With an experience as a helper in my mother in laws kitchen for 6 years followed by a three year everyday struggle to satisfy the palate of my foodie husband, if I cannot do it then why should I cook? But on the other side with an experience in English literature extending no more than expanding outline stories in English grammar class when I was 18 and two small kids that come in handy at times, will a commitment for the next one year work? Anyway my ‘cook's ego’ didn’t allow me to say no...

So my friends …here I am opening my recipe book, trying to perfect and present 262 recipes in the coming 365 days….A Challenge that will of course tastes good. Come.. Have a walk with me along my journey.. Cheering and inspiring….Forgiving and tolerating…Testing and tasting….for ‘A Tasty Challenge’

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Roasted Tomato Soup

Recipe No: 111
I used to make Tomato soup now and then but then I decided to roast the Tomatoes before making the Soup. It was just for fun at first but I was amazed to see how much sweeter the Tomatoes will become once it is roasted. This is a very delicious yet nutritious soup that is perfect for a cold winter night.
Ingredients                            Serves 2
  • Tomato…………………......5 Large (I prefer Roma Tomatoes)
  • Balsamic Vinegar…......…1 Tablespoon (If you don’t have that use ½ Tablespoon white Vinegar)
  • Oil……………………….........1 Teaspoon
  • Onion cut into wedges…1/2 big
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
Method of preparation
  1. Preheat the oven to 400˚F/200˚C
  2. Cut the Tomatoes into two. Place Tomato and Onion on a baking sheet; drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar and Oil and Roast in the Oven for 45 minutes.
  3. Put the roasted Tomato and Onion in a blender and blend into a smooth paste. Strain it through a strainer with wide mesh to remove the seeds and the skin.
  4. Heat the tomato pulp in the stove, add Salt and Black Pepper and serve hot.
  • It is very necessary to use a wide meshed strainer as we need the pulp and at the same time have to remove the seeds and the skin.
  • I prefer Roma Tomatoes as they have a very less liquid content when compared to may other varieties.

Make it, enjoy the deliciousness and 
serve it to your family with love…


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