Creating a blog was out of the question for a long time for me, as measuring everything in the kitchen was like biting into an eggshell. I enjoy cooking and don’t want to waste even a slightest bit of enjoyment in that small world of mine. But little did I know that everything will change, when my husband came home with the Oscar nominated film ‘Julie and Julia’( a real life story) where Julie Powell (part played by Amy Adams) challenged herself to make all the 524 recipes from Julia Child's cook book ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ and blogging all her experiences (The Julie/Julia Project). It was an inspiring movie. A few days later when we were discussing this casually with a friend of ours over tea…everything changed dramatically…..” How about you making at least half of it in one year? Not French but your own. 262 recipes that will inspire others and present it as a blog?” For a minute my mind traveled faster than light… With an experience as a helper in my mother in laws kitchen for 6 years followed by a three year everyday struggle to satisfy the palate of my foodie husband, if I cannot do it then why should I cook? But on the other side with an experience in English literature extending no more than expanding outline stories in English grammar class when I was 18 and two small kids that come in handy at times, will a commitment for the next one year work? Anyway my ‘cook's ego’ didn’t allow me to say no...

So my friends …here I am opening my recipe book, trying to perfect and present 262 recipes in the coming 365 days….A Challenge that will of course tastes good. Come.. Have a walk with me along my journey.. Cheering and inspiring….Forgiving and tolerating…Testing and tasting….for ‘A Tasty Challenge’

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strawberry Pudding

Recipe No: 202
A few days back, while talking to a friend over phone, she mentioned how much her daughter wants to eat Strawberry pudding. 'Well that is a good idea' I thought... as my daughter herself is a big Strawberry fan. I decided not to use fresh Strawberries as it may not be available year round and Strawberry preserves and syrups are available in most places. (I remember buying it from Food World, Thiruvanandapuram, 6 years back!!!) So here is a recipe that can be made at any time of the year…
Ingredients                                              Serves 12-15
  • Milk………………………..2 Cups
  • Eggs…………………….….2 (Beaten well)
  • Sugar………………….…..1/2 Cup
  • Gelatin…………………....1 Tablespoon
  • Corn Starch……………..1/2 Teaspoon (Dilute with 2 tablespoons of Water)
  • Strawberry essence…..1 Teaspoon (If not available please avoid, but don't substitute with any other)
  • Strawberry Syrup…….5 Tablespoons
  • Strawberry Preserve…5 Tablespoons (recipe here) (Warm it in the microwave for 20 seconds to loosen it. Cut the big Strawberries (if any) into small pieces)
  • Heavy Cream…………..1 Cup
  • Sugar………………….….2 Tablespoons
Method of Preparation
  1. Soak Gelatin in ¼ cup cold Water and keep aside for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat Milk and ½ cup Sugar on medium heat.
  3. When hot, pour ½ cup of hot Milk into the Egg, mix well and pour it back into the hot milk on the stove, stirring continuously.
  4. Once the Eggs are mixed, add the soaked Gelatin and the diluted Corn Starch; let it come to a simmer (by that time it will be thick), stirring constantly.
  5. Remove it from the stove and place it in a bigger pan filled with cold Water and let it cool down. Don’t forget to stir.
  6. Once cooled, strain it and add Strawberry Essence, Syrup and Preserve; mix well and keep  aside till it cools completely.
  7. Whip Cream and 2 tablespoons of Sugar well until soft peaks are formed.
  8. Fold the Whipped Cream into the Strawberry Custard  gently.
  9. Pour it into a 10 X 8 inch pan (or something that big); cover with a foil and refrigerate for at least 6 hours before serving.
  10. Cut it into desired shapes and serve cold decorated with Strawberries, sweetened whipped Cream and Strawberry Syrup.
  • If you pour beaten Egg into the hot milk, the heat will scramble the Eggs. But pouring a part of the hot Milk into the beaten Eggs will raise its temperature, which when poured back into the hot Milk on the stove resist scrambling. (The process is called tempering the Eggs.)
  • Diluted Corn Starch tends to settle down in the bottom of the dish when left untouched for a while. So mix it really well just before using.
  • Do strain the Custard as it will get rid of any solids (cooked Egg) present.
  • Cold heavy Cream whips up really fast.
  • When you lift the beater from the cream, the peaks formed should stay as such(shouldn’t fall down) for a soft peak stage.
  • Fold the Cream gently so that it won't deflate the air incorporated in the Cream at the same time it is mixed evenly with the Custard.
  • This pudding is really soft yet stable enough to be cut into desired shapes.

Make it, enjoy the deliciousness and 
serve it to your family with love…


Priya Suresh said...

Marvellous,elegant and absolutely irresistible pudding..

Jaisy James said...

wow mouthwatering pudding nice click

Padhu Sankar said...

Feel like having it right now .Fantastic

Unknown said...

Cool Pudding.....nice presentation

sojo said...

you have no idea how many times I went through this recipe today... pic is lovely..... Iam sure it tastes heavenly too.... wow Asha.... you should write a book...

Soumya..... said...

First time here, happy to spot so many lovely dishes, Good work.. Happy following you

Teena said...

yum..yum!! This looks perfect for a Valentine!! It would be great if you can share this & other romantic recipes with my ongoing-''Valentine's Day Event''(till Feb 20th)

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